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We are a group of people who strive to deliver the best in class energy solutions to our customers. We cater to a wide range of advanced chemistry battery pack requirements specifically designed and created for Indian conditions and consumption patterns.  

Located on the west coast of India, we have our manufacturing unit in Jamnagar, a major energy hub catering to energy companies like Reliance Industries and Nayara Energy.

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Our Products

At AURA Energy Plus, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with our products. That’s because we use only the highest quality materials and top-of-the-line technologies. Find your application below and we will provide the best energy solutions for you.

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Electric Mobility

We understand the needs for an EV application and hence design the battery pack with a higher discharge rate, fast charging capabilities, and longer life cycle ranging from E-bike to E2W and E3W

Solar Street Lights

Solar Street light battery packs offer low maintenance yet ensuring higher efficiency and durability for all-weather performance.

Street Stalls

This is one of our new segments where we analyzed the energy requirements of street stalls for daily earning and hence have a tailor-made battery pack solution.


Inverter Battery Packs are utilized as power backup during the time of power cut-off.  We provide battery packs with inbuilt DC-AC Converters for a one-stop solution

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Cranking Power

Still using ICE Vehicles? No worries, as we have solutions for you as well. Crankling batteries are used to start your vehicles as well as to run the auxiliary systems within.

Toy Cars

We have a special battery pack for toy cars so that you always enjoy that extra ride on their favorite car

Power Banks

We have not forgotten the most important electronic gadget for you. We provide power banks with fast charging capabilities so that you never experience FOMO


Electric Wheelchair is a boon to the ones who are unable to walk. And we are dedicated to providing your wheelchair with all the energy required to keep you moving.

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Medical Bed

Adjustable Medical Beds are vital in patients' mobility in the hospital. Battery operation of such beds provides portable adjustment options to both patients and doctors for ease of care and treatment.

Weighing Scale

The weighing scale is an important instrument for FMCG vendors. An electronic portable weighing scale enables an uninterrupted power supply and more working efficiency.

CNC Machine

CNC and VMC Machines are utilized for the production of highly precise parts. Machines with Fanuc controller require external battery backup for data and we have just the right thing for you.

POS Machine

Digital payment is the new normal for transactions and POS machines are an essential tool in this process. Our battery solutions provide long run time and efficiency so that you can carry out more hasslefree transactions

Didn't find your application? Get in touch with us and we shall provide you a tailor-made solution for your application.

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Top 10 Energy Storage Startups

Top 10 Energy Storage Start-ups 2022


We are honored and delighted to receive this recognition as the TOP 10 Energy Storage Start-ups 2022 by the Industry Outlook Magazine in its very first edition of this sector. We sincerely thank and appreciate the entire team of Industry Outlook Magazine for this recognition to us at such an early stage. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Lithium Battery is better than a Lead Acid Battery?

Lithium Battery offers high energy & power density along with more cycle life at a weight of 1/4th of that of a conventional lead-acid battery. Above this, a lithium-ion battery offers half the charging time than that of a lead-acid battery for the same specifications.

What is the cycle life of a battery pack?

If we charge the battery from 0% to 100% and then discharge it back to 0%, one cycle is formed. Cycle life is nothing but the number of such cycles a battery can undergo before its capacity gets degraded below 80%.

What is Battery Management System in a battery pack?

BMS is an electronic circuitry that is responsible for battery pack protection, energy & power management, and battery pack communication with the controller device.

What does it mean to have a battery capacity of 1kWh?

1kWh in a battery pack implies that it can deliver continuous power of 1kW i.e. 1000W for a time period of 1 hour.

Can we use normal charger to charge lithium ion battery?

No. Lithium Batteries are charged using a special charging algorithm and charging it with any other charger may cause battery failures. It is strictly recommended to use its dedicated charger only.

What is the difference between an auxiliary battery and a traction battery?

An auxiliary battery is used to power the secondary systems within the vehicle such as lights and horns. Traction battery is used to drive the vehicle itself.

Contact Us

Office Address

Shop No 1, Rajhans Point,

Mayur Township, Ranjitsagar Road,

Jamnagar - 361005, Gujarat, INDIA

Plant Address

Plot No 30, Road No 23, Survey No 226

Village: Lakhabaval, Jamnagar-361006,

Gujarat, INDIA

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